UPDATE: FINALIST - Mobile International Festival, Europe 2018.


Original new short mockumentary film from Michael Dalby.

We the People: Copywrong was shot at several locations in Chicago, IL, in the United States of America. 

The piece serves as a standalone short mock reality film and a pilot for a series of similar episodes. The subject of this film, intellectual property theft, was chosen specifically for the United Kingdom's Parliamentary film competition, Film the House, a program designed to raise the awareness of intellectual property rights, and the cost of intellectual property theft to an individual, and to an economy. 

Large media companies often have the resources and legal expertise to safely navigate the treacherous waters of copyright law, trademarks, and patents. Smaller companies and creative individuals are usually the ones who find themselves in the choppy waters of copyright infringement. 

The cost of copyright theft to the US economy is estimated to be $225 to $600 billion a year, in the UK that figure is 11 billion GBP every year.