The Uncanny Valley

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The Uncanny Valley is an episodic genre series, comprised of several short audio stories. 

The series features full cast radio plays in the horror, sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy genres.

Episodes one to three were broadcast nationwide throughout the United Kingdom in autumn 2016. 

They were distributed to several community stations, and debuted on Halloween night.

Two episodes, All in the Head, and Ginger, are available to hear for free, right here!

Ginger, is the tale of a failed aged British actor, who lives in New York City, and the misadventure that ensues when he meets a stray cat with a remarkable ability. Ginger was written by Michael Dalby.

All In The Head, is a chilling horror story about a young boy and the terrifying creature that lives inside his widowed mother's head.  All In The Head was written by Daniel Thackeray.

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