a short film

The film is without dialogue. The story is told visually, through emotive performances  within  artful composition and lighting.



A lonely elderly woman nervously prepares for a date with a man sixty years her junior and, in doing so, awakens the memory of her late husband who died fighting for his country in World War Two.



In a small stark apartment, Rose, mid-eighties, sits at her dressing table. Lit by the warm glow of lamplight, she slowly applies her makeup, then carefully pins a golden brooch to her blouse. Upon the dresser, an open pocket calendar – November 11, 2002, “Dinner with Will x”.


At an Italian restaurant she meets Will, a man of no more than twenty years old. They share a small table whilst they smile amorously and hold hands. Moonlight Serenade plays and they rise to dance together between the tables, to the surprise and puzzlement of the other diners.


When they both return to Rose’s apartment she takes off her shoes, and removes her brooch and a photo from her purse to place on her dresser.


It is an aged photo of Will in a World War 2 army uniform, dated in pencil – 1942. His arm is around his bride, a young woman who wears the same diamond brooch as Rose. As Rose turns, we see that Will is now gone - he was never there at all, just a memory. Today would have marked their diamond anniversary.

We are now in the process of securing funding to produce Rose. Pre-production is scheduled for January 2020, with a tentative production date of early April 2020.

Anyone interested in learning more about the story, or how to get involved in funding can contact us on the details below.